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Cut through the noise and dive straight into the data you want by creating the reports of your choice.

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Your Team, Your Reports

Every team, every project, they have their own goals and needs. So why look at the same reports? Create a custom report in minutes, change it on the fly and create your very own set of reports completely focused on your work.

Choose Your Widgets

Hook your reports up to any data and give your reports the looks you want by choosing from over 40 different insightful widgets across a number of different categories. All widgets can be customized and reordered to display your most valued information exactly the way it suits you.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor activity as it happens, with Moosend’s continuously updated reports.

Powerful Features

Extra reasons to love your custom reports.

Draggable Widgets

Easily drag & drop any widget across your reports’ layout to transform it on the spot.

Save as template

Make things simpler without having to create your new reports from scratch.

No HTML Needed

Create the reports you want, with zero coding skills.

Share Your Reports

Collaborate your visual data with coworkers and others.


Insightful reports that look great regardless of the mobile device.

Exportable Reports

Share your reports, or keep them as a personal backup, with one click.

Filter By Date

Filter your reports results according to a specific date range.

Fast Rendering

Get the reports you want, right when you need them.

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