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Share places, faces and experiences, increase bookings and send your customers on a journey.

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Make The Most Out of Your Abandoned Bookings

Pick your users up right where they left off and fire them up with the perfectly timed email. Drag-and-drop them to their favorite destination and never miss another booking again.

Weather-based Recommendations

Be their travel specialist with weather-based email recommendations. Let your travelers know where to find the best warm beverages when it’s cold outside and the cutest little cafés for rainy days, helping them make the most out of their destination of choice.

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Automate Everything, From Concierge Emails To Destination Recommendations

From special events to special offers and sights they don’t want to miss, use automation and make your campaigns seem like a dedicated travel agent.

Customer abandons booking Wait 1 hour Booked Booked moosend marketing automation animation
Customer abandons booking Wait 1 hour Booked Booked moosend marketing automation

Advanced Tracking Methods to End Your Guessing

Some check out the offers, some check out the honeymoon suite and some add a baby cot just to check the cost. Track them all with Moosend’s tracking automation and make data-driven decisions with real impact on your business.

Responsive, Beautiful, HTML-free Templates that Travel

Be the captain of the journey with our beautiful templates, cost and code-free.

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Divide, Conquer, Dazzle

More-relevant-than-ever emails here we come! Split your lists to the max and use all your data accordingly to achieve better results on any email marketing campaign.

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