Features That Build Your Marketing Success

Rookie or pro, success is a snap. All the features to build, test, track and take your business to the next level.

Drag & Drop Dead Beautiful

Fall in love with newsletters all over again with our easy-to-use drag & drop editor and create professional newsletters that look good on any device, with zero HTML knowledge. With hundreds of up-to-date templates to choose from, your email marketing campaigns will be dressed for success. Every time.

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Your Marketing Campaigns on Autopilot

Lose your heart to email marketing with the highest converting automation workflows Moosend has designed for you. Just click and let the good sales roll.

Loop Flow

Submits “Webinar: SEO 101” form
Whenever someone submits a specific form
Wait 2 days
Send webinar reminder and loop 2 times

User Onboarding

Trigger on subscribe
Whenever a user subscribes to your service
Send welcome email
Wait 1 day
Send follow up instructions

Abandoned Cart

User adds something to cart
When a user adds a product to their cart
Wait 1 day
Check whether they made a purchase
Have they purchased?
If yes, send thank you email
If not, send email
If yes, send thank you email
If not, send email

Your Automation

User adds something to cart
When a user adds a product to their cart
Wait 1 day
Check whether they made a purchase
Have they purchased?
If yes, increase lead score If not
If yes, send them a 50% off coupon
Increment lead score by +1
Merge the 2 branches
Send 25% discount campaign
Send “discount” campaign

VIP Offer

Customer makes a purchase
When the customer purchases a product
Check whether the order value was higher than $5,000
Did they spend more than $5,000 on merchandise?
If yes: Then send VIP offer
If no:
If yes: Then send VIP offer
If no:
Send regular Thank-You email

Lead Scoring

Flow 1

User clicks on a link
When a user clicks a link in an email campaign
Increment lead score by +3
Qualify the user as a sales opportunity

Flow 2

User places an order
When a user makes a purchase
Increment lead score by +10
Qualify the user as a confirmed customer

Not Your Average Personalization

No one likes Pinocchio’d newsletters, no offense Mastro Geppetto. Choose spot-on personalization and let Moosend put your data to good use with highly relevant emails based on your customers’ last purchase.

Essential Personalization

Personalize your emails discreetly and elegantly with subscriber custom fields and display information relevant to each recipient.

basic personalization

Product Recommendation

Suggest products based on your customers’ previous purchases, remind them what they’re missing with cart abandonment automation and tickle their buying need


Put artificial intelligence to use by recommending products based on your visitors’ similar tastes.

similar users
basic personalization
similar users

Track Their Steps For Highly Relevant Campaigns

Follow your users’ steps through the whole journey and decode their every move with easy-to-use, in-depth analytics to fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

Their Behavior Analyzed

Learn everything about your subscribers with Moosend’s insightful behavioral analytics and make informed choices to optimize your email presence.

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Put Your Apps In The Marketing Game

Unite your most powerful tools to hear your emails roar by seamlessly integrating Moosend with all your favorite apps in just one click.

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Work Your Lead Generation Magic With The Right Tools

Moosend’s app will turn you from lead generation newbie to conversion hero in no time, with its advanced features. Use our brand new and fancy landing page builder and subscription forms tool to gather prospect data and build your customer base in no time.

landing pages

Create Beautiful Landing Pages in a Blink of an Eye

Move, crop, resize, group, add and change anything you want and create beautiful landing pages in just a few minutes and say goodbye to web designer expenses.

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Fuel continued list growth with the right template

Grow your mailing list around the clock, collect valuable data effortlessly and share your forms across all your online channels with our packed-with-features online.

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Real-time Progression

See what happens, the moment it happens. Track opens, clicks, social shares and unsubscribes and build the right strategies to maximize your ROI and serve your customers better.

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Experience Email Marketing Today

Moosend has all the tools you need to grow your business effectively. Take control of your email campaigns today!