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Next-level personalization with Moosend’s smart segments and forms. Keep up with your customer’s expectations and make a difference in their inbox.

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Essential Personalization

Simple, sophisticated personalization that makes the difference. Personalize emails with subscriber custom fields and keep up with your customer’s expectations with one click.

Win Them All Over Again

Take personalization to extremes with these sure-fire automation workflows. Win your customers back with powerful cart abandonment emails triggered every time items are left in the cart or keep them shopping with personalized product recommendations matched to their needs.

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Weather-Based Recommendations

Rain or shine, your campaign is destined to sell. We leverage real-time weather data so when it’s time to send off a newsletter your customers will receive the most appropriate upsell or cross-sell email based on the weather conditions in their area. Wow? We know!

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Let Our Robots Do The Boring Part

Amazon-like product recommendations at your fingertips. We leverage AI to analyze your data and come up with products your customers will love so you are always one step ahead.

Sell alike

Send product recommendation campaigns that suggest the product one customer viewed after they both viewed another same product previously.

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Sell more

Provide personalized product recommendations that match your customer’s previous purchase and cross-sell or upsell with zero effort.

Sell smart

Notify your customers when it’s time to restock their favorite product and maximize customer retention.

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