Woocommerce Email Integration for Automated Workflows

With our free 1-click installation of Moosend for Woocommerce you are one step away from reducing your cart abandonment rates and increase your conversions.

Keep your Customers in Sync

Stay frosty while your list grows automatically! Just plug your website in and watch your leads sort themselves out to the respective mailing lists! Enjoy high-quality output and successful, targeted newsletter campaigns without breaking a sweat!

Users browse, you gauge

Your users’ fingerprints are all over your pages and product categories. Every action they take on your website is recorded. From there, registered users are screened by Moosend’s rocknrolla algorithm, e.g. via automation triggers. Then, they are matched automatically to the right lists! Yasss!

From Visitors To Users

From visitors to users, we record everything and anything. You’re going back to your stress-free self, while Moosend takes care of the paperwork! Moosend tracks and records every journey on your website and assigns it to a user as soon as they sign up!

Reduce your Cart Abandonment with Automated Purchase Reminders

Incomplete orders on your eshop? By setting up Cart Abandonment marketing automations, you can get back to every dropout user automatically. What they will get is an automatically generated email that reminds them (within your desired amount of time) that their cart awaits! Smooooth!

Purchase Confirmation

Improve the shopping experience on your eshop for your users! Enable transactional emails, e.g. Purchase Confirmation emails to add a professional touch and provide your shoppers with a seamless online experience to keep them coming back! Cha-ching!

AI that Recommends Products your Customers are Actually Going to Buy

Provide your website visitors with their own personal shoppers- at no extra cost! Use Moosend’s executive Artificial Intelligence to send personal recommendations to every customer based on their previous purchases. Additionally, suggest items/services based on popularity, purchases, or revenue generation. The potential is a function of idea influx!

Lead Scoring

More advanced users can set up automations enhanced with a lead scoring sequence! Segment users dynamically into personas and sit back while your automations are triggered for the right people at the right moment. Maximize your conversion potential and keep track of meaningful online events! Essentially, with lead scoring you can log incremental or decremental changes on your users’ profiles which result in a score. Easy peasy!

Intelligent Segmentation

Did you know you can create groups of contacts in your list and match these to specific newsletter campaigns? With our intelligent segmentation options, you can laser-target audiences and fine-tune the content they receive from you. Personalization never was easier or more user-friendly! See for yourselves!

Triggered Automations

Every single one of your user actions can trigger your email automations. Choose your trigger from a comprehensive list ranging from email engagement to website, to list, to profile management, and scheduling. Your all-powerful marketing automations come with increasing flexibility to design automations from scratch within minutes!

You are 1 click away from creating great things in a beautiful, award-winning interface.