Make The Most Of Your Subscribers, At Any Stage

Moosend’s smart features help you harness the full power of your email lists, and build campaigns that work, every time.

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All That Happens, At A Glance

Who is active? How many unsubscribed? What’s their information? See everything around your subscribers in one, tidy, place, and manage them by multi selecting as many as you want.

Segment Your Email Lists For Maximum Returns

Higher opens, higher click-through rates, higher conversion rates, just by categorizing your subscribers based on whatever criteria you choose.

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Supercharged, Simple Imports

Import in bulk, or add single subscribers within seconds, and save time by creating different segmentation parameters on the spot.

Know Your Audience With The Help Of Data

Monitor the overall performance of your email lists, and create campaigns that matter to your audience with the help of real subscriber data.

Get The Most Of Your Subscribers With Flexible Management

Take your audience in your hands! Discover all the various actions your can apply to your subscribers and manage them on both an individual and bulk level for maximum efficiency.

Get organized with tags

Tag contacts based on data you know about them, and reach people within different segments of your lists fast and easy.

Make batch actions

Select multiple subscribers in a fast and efficient way to make bulk actions and save time.

Create personalized emails with custom fields

Personalize your subject lines and content with the help of custom fields that allow you to store and represent various contact information, such as their last name or age.

Tools To Strategically Grow Your Audience

Lead generation is easy with Moosend! Create, launch, and optimize stunning landing pages and subscription forms, all with one tool.

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High-converting Landing Pages

Create goal-oriented landing pages to increase conversions, with the help of advanced creation and optimization features, and zero coding skills.

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Powerful Subscription Forms

Encourage visitors to complete your conversion goals by creating forms that drive results, in just a few steps.

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contact forms

Automate Your CRM Workflows

Sell more in less time and ensure the smoothest sales process with advanced automation triggers and actions. Discover a whole new way to keep up with your subscribers and push your business forward by setting powerful automations, and then forgetting them!

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Minimize Unsubscribes with Double Opt-out

Provide your contacts with an additional step to confirm their unsubscription before they remove themselves from your list to minimize accidental unsubscribes or give them time to think it over.

Features To Take You Further

Supercharge your mailing lists with all the latest features designed to help you grow subscribers and build stronger relationships.

Subscriber Automations

Select any subscriber you wish and set a specific automation to start.

Template Your Segments

Segment fast and easy by using previously-created common segments.

Customize Your Unsubscribe Page

Use Moosend’s default unsubscribe page or set one you’ve already created.

Custom Field Flexibility

Use your custom fields the way it suits you by easily copying them to another list or deleting them.

Opt-in Choices

Single or double? Choose the inviting process that suits you and run the safest email campaigns.

Fast Default Personalization Creation

Add any default fallback value straight from a custom field’s settings.

Export Email List Segments

Use your lists to the maximum by exporting any part of them with a click.

Filter & Sort With Labels

Better organize your subscribers by adding some labels to them for internal use.

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