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Stop guessing. See how your users move around your website, blog, e-commerce store and start connecting with the help of Moosend’s mighty tracking.

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Your Customer’s Actions Revealed

Truly understand your customers with the power of behavioral analytics that captures and analyzes the way they interact with your website or store.

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

No matter your plan, easily integrate Moosend with any e-commerce platform, website or CRM without any HTML knowledge.

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Keep Tabs On Them

Keep every customer’s data from various channels in one place and manage them easier and wiser to build better-targeted email marketing campaigns.

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Track To The Future

Be ahead of your marketing time with the most advanced techniques and track everything from beginning to end to achieve your marketing goals.


Effectively automate your campaigns with the power of tracking that helps you better understand your customers’ moves and needs.

List Grouping

Super-segment your mailing lists thanks to behavioral data tracking and group your emails based on your customers’ actions.


Personalize to perfection with advanced tracking that lets you read up on your customer’s deepest secrets and get authentically personal.

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