RevolutionAIze your email marketing

Zero effort, countless ideas, spot-on results. Moosend’s Generative AI tool tailors content that reaches your goals and creates unique content from your creative ideas. Try it out and see for yourself

Their preferences – Your ideas

Build your story using your customers’ preferences. Moosend’s Generative AI will fine-tune existing data and your prompts and ideas and craft a narrative that inspires action.

Open rates to the nines

Creating the perfect subject line is just a click away. Make recipients click on your emails with the perfect prompt and some Generative AI magic! Want an emoji with that? You decide.

Tailoring creativity to perfection

Generate content that resonates, not just content that sounds good. Get better click-through rates and more engagement by turning ideas into stories. Moosend’s Generative AI can transform intangible into tangible for you.

Maximize results with minimal effort

Data-driven suggestions and content combined with the power of AI lead to unmatched results. That’s what Generative AI can do for you. Make meaningful connections, manage your time better, and see the metrics that matter soar.

Save Time

Brainstorming or writing your next email made easy and quick. Just type in your idea, use the parameters provided, and see your best prompt turn into a spot-on narrative.

Landing Page Magic

Better landing page content, more leads, better conversion. All of this is possible with the right prompt and our AI writer’s magical enhancements.

Subscription Forms

Get intelligent recommendations and optimized calls-to-action. Turn your audience to subscribers, one suggestion at a time.

Goodbye Writer’s Block

Tackle writer’s block with a couple of clicks. A parameter here, a keyword there, and your best prompt is all our tool needs to do the work for you.

Enhanced Creativity

Get your imagination going and boost your productivity. Moosend’s AI writer can be your brainstorming buddy and help you explore different tones, styles, and aesthetics.

Copy Checks Made Easy

AI magic is well-versed in proper grammar. Check your copy just to enhance it and say goodbye to typos and complex sentences!