16 Best Free Survey Tools For 2024 [Features & Pricing]

16 Best Free Survey Tools For 2024 [Features & Pricing]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
December 6, 2023

What do your customers think about your business? If you have no clue, you’re missing out on valuable insight that can improve your services in the long run.

However, without the right tool, creating a survey can take weeks or months—and cost you money.

To help you, we’ve looked for some of the best free survey tools, which include Moosend, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and QuestionPro.

In this guide, you will find a full comparison between these 16 best free survey tools to gather your clients’ feedback seamlessly.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of November 30, 2023.

How We Selected The Following Tools

All of the tools in this list have been tested by our team to provide an unbiased description of its features and capabilities.

We spent hours setting up new accounts and trying each software to provide an accurate experience and show users exactly what they will come across when they sign up. Find more information about our software selection methodology on how we choose tools to feature on the Moosend Blog.

Best Free Survey Tools & Form Builders: Comparison Table (Features & Pricing)

With the right builder, you create high-quality questionnaires that capture your customers’ true feelings, which you can later email directly to your subscribers’ inboxes. And, of course, engage them through a suitable email subject line.

After extensive research, we found the best free survey tools. Here are our options for this list:

best free survey tools

To make it easier to choose one, let’s explore these solutions by use case.

Best Free Online Survey Tools by Use Case

Take a look at these survey software and form builders through a new lens:

  1. Moosend — Best free survey tool.
  2. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder — Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.
  3. SurveyMonkey — Best data-driven insights.
  4. SurveySparrow — Best for multiple survey types.
  5. Typeform — Best user experience and personalized surveys.
  6. Google Forms — Best 100% free survey tool.
  7. Zoho Survey — Best for its wide range of question types.
  8. Qualtrics — Best for its advanced analytics.
  9. SurveyPlanet — Best for unlimited question types and responses.
  10. FreeOnlineSurveys — Best for artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.
  11. SuperSurvey — Best for its fast survey creation.
  12. Jotform — Best for advanced customization tools.
  13. Sogolytics — Best for complex and in-depth surveys.
  14. QuestionPro — Best survey tool for enterprises.
  15. LimeSurvey — Best for anonymous features.
  16. Canva — Best for printed or digital surveys.

Now, let’s begin exploring them in greater detail.

1. Moosend Subscription Forms

Moosend is a modern, easy-to-use email marketing and automation software that allows you to build engaging surveys for free.

moosend form builder

Aside from assisting you with your marketing efforts, Moosend has a subscription form feature that marketers can effectively use to build surveys and collect any information from customers or visitors.

While not a traditional survey tool, you can still gauge how a customer feels by customizing the subscription form to fit your needs. You can style the form however you want through advanced customization options to match your brand, such as custom fonts and colors.

Add modal pop-ups, inline forms, or floating bars and boxes to define the look and feel of your subscription form.

You can even gamify your forms through a spinning wheel that makes the survey more exciting and will prompt users to engage with it. It’s also a surefire way to create an interactive experience for your visitors.

Plus, Moosend offers a variety of ready-made forms created for different purposes and industries. All of the forms are responsive and user-friendly, designed for mobile devices, desktops, or operating systems, and they’ll adapt to any screen size so a user’s navigation isn’t hindered.

Moosend also has all the tools you need to automate the process on the go by designing your automation workflows. So, you benefit from countdown timers to drive urgency and ensure your responders will complete the form through email notifications that notify you when users sign up for a newsletter.

In a nutshell, you can effectively use subscription forms to grow your email list and gauge what your customers feel while ensuring you successfully grab their attention.

Moosend features

Moosend pricing

The platform has a free 30-day trial where you can try all the features for free. You receive unlimited emails and access to the subscription forms. Moosend’s monthly subscription starts at $9 for 500 subscribers.

Try Moosend for free!

2. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

HubSpot is a CRM tool that combines multiple features to grow your sales, marketing, and content strategy.

hubspot free online form builder

From its myriad of features, HubSpot also offers a free online form builder as part of its free CRM that marketers can use to generate leads and gauge what their clients think about your brand.

Every visitor who completes your forms will be automatically added to the CRM database, so you can further nurture them with personalized email campaigns and messaging.

It’s easy to create forms and customize them using a drag-and-drop builder—without requiring any technical knowledge. All you need to do is add each element to its place and ensure it matches your brand guidelines and needs.

Moreover, you have dynamic fields, progressive profiling, and different field types to style the form as you desire.

After finishing the design, you can add them to your website and deploy them as standalone pages or drop-down banners.

HubSpot also has automated emails and notifications, so it will automatically send a follow-up email after a respondent fills out the form.

The implementation process is usually short, especially since there’s no data migration or background work needed, and the form creation process will take as long as it takes you to fill in the fields.

This tool also has built-in reporting that gives you insight into your form performance and automatically tracks views, submissions, and conversion rates.

HubSpot features

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Integration with the CRM database
  • Automated notifications

HubSpot pricing

You can use the online form builder for free by signing up for their free plan. For more advanced features, such as landing pages and live chat, you need to pay $20/month.

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a survey platform that allows you to create questionnaires and quizzes to get valuable feedback from your audience.

SurveyMonkey homepage

This tool and its theme designer make it easy to build high-quality surveys and forms in a few minutes. Pick fonts, logos, custom URLs, and colors to create a survey that speaks to your target audience and engages them.

Moreover, SurveyMonkey lets you use custom variables to embed names or customize questions. As a result, you can make each question unique for each respondent, successfully engaging them further.

SurveyMonkey has over 250 templates and 20 question types, from star rating to multiple choice. However, you can always start crafting your own, especially since you have hundreds of preset questions designed by experts.

SurveyMonkey allows seamless collaboration with your team, meaning that you can work together to create, edit, and review surveys from a single platform.

This provider also employs artificial intelligence to help you create engaging surveys. Based on 20+ years of data and expert best practices, SurveyMonkey will guide you step-by-step through the creation process to ensure you optimize the survey.

This way, you get better responses and data and avoid biases or errors. Plus, you get precise and granular customer feedback that will improve your services in the long run.

It also saves you time and effort, especially since you get helpful tips from experts on formulating your questions to get the best survey results. Before sending it out, check the survey’s score to ensure it’s easy to complete.

SurveyMonkey features

  • AI-powered guidance
  • Multiple question types
  • Library of templates
  • Built-in reports

SurveyMonkey pricing

SurveyMonkey’s free version allows you to create short surveys of 10 questions or less and gives you access to 40 survey templates.

To access more advanced features, such as more templates or questions, you must subscribe to a paid plan, which begins at $39/month for individuals and $25 per user per month for teams.

4. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a survey builder that helps marketers craft conversational surveys of any type and for any purpose.

surveysparrow homepage

With this tool, you can design embedded surveys that blend seamlessly on any web page.

It means they’re not intrusive to the visitor and require no redirections. The user can stay on the same page and respond without feeling like you’re too insistent.

SurveySparrow offers pop-up cards that auto-trigger when visitors navigate a page, and they typically display one question at a time. You can customize these cards by adding labels or setting the widget’s position.

Moreover, you can decide when to display it, such as after a set time.

This also applies to the chatbot, which is a subtler approach to a feedback survey. A chatbot allows users to give feedback when they want to and feels more like a conversation than an interrogation.

SurveySparrow has multiple survey types like smart, video, mobile-first, or recurring surveys. For example, you can craft a recurring survey once and schedule and share it periodically. You set the pace and frequency, whether that’s daily, weekly, quarterly, or on specific days.

Moreover, it has automation features, meaning you can send separate reminder emails for non-responders or encourage those who started but never finished to complete the survey.

The tool is also known for its ease of use, as you can embed widgets with just a click and an auto-generated code snippet; no technical expertise is required.

SurveySparrow features

  • Recurring surveys
  • Survey themes
  • Customer journey map
  • Conversational forms

SurveySparrow pricing

The free survey creator allows you 10 questions per survey and 100 monthly responses.

Their paid plan has unlimited survey questions and additional responses. It starts at $39/month for 10,000 contacts and the ability to schedule surveys.

5. Typeform

Typeform is a solution for getting more data, such as feedback or signups, from your customers.

typeform form creator

This provider has two ways to get deeper insights into what your customers think about your services: the online survey maker and the form builder.

Typeform has over 800 survey, quiz, and poll templates you can use to build a survey that speaks to your target demographic. Pick a customizable template that inspires you and start tweaking it.

Moreover, it offers multiple surveys and forms, from market research surveys to lead generation forms. That’s not all—Typeform has over 20 different types of questions that help collect feedback, from ranking to rating.

Regarding forms, Typeform designs them in such a way that you can get better data with 28 question types and signup, feedback, or order forms.

You have multiple customizable options to enhance customer experience and invite people to share opinions, such as making your forms instantly recognizable to frequent users.

By using brand kits to add logos, colors, and styles to your forms, you can smoothly embed them in landing pages and emails without any coding skills.

To add a more personal touch to your forms and emails, you can call people by their name and adapt follow-up questions to the survey responses. Lastly, you can sync online survey responses to tools like Zapier or Slack to better organize your data.

Typeform features

  • Form builder
  • Survey templates
  • Quiz maker
  • Lead generation

Typeform pricing

You can sign up to Typeform for free and get 10 questions and responses and unlimited typeforms.

Otherwise, their basic plan costs $24/month for unlimited questions and 100 monthly responses.

6. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free tool for easily creating online forms and surveys.

google forms for survey creation

This is a popular online form builder with an intuitive user interface. As a result, no matter your skill level or experience, you can quickly craft a new form for any purpose.

It’s as easy as creating a document. Select from multiple question types or customize values as quickly as copying and pasting a text.

Furthermore, you can add images and videos to provide context to your survey. To polish it even further, customize colors, images, and fonts to match your company’s branding.

Google Forms also has skip logic functionalities, which lets you seamlessly move to a question based on the prior responses, so you guide respondents through the survey in a structured way.

As a bonus, you don’t force users to answer irrelevant questions and instead yield the best results.

Google also helps you analyze data with automatic summaries. Plus, you can see charts with responses that update in real-time. For advanced analytics, you can open raw data with Google Sheets.

What’s great about Google Forms is that it’s 100% free, as it’s easy to access it with a Google account. In addition, you get 15 GB of storage to create as many surveys as you like. You can also edit surveys on the go, and they fit any screen size.

Google Forms features

  • In-depth analytics
  • Add collaborators
  • On-the-go editing
  • Multiple customization options

Google Forms pricing

This tool is entirely free, and you get unlimited forms, questions, and submissions.

7. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is part of the Zoho family and concentrates on quickly creating engaging survey designs.

zoho survey homepage

The design process starts with selecting one of the 25 question types like multiple choice, rating scale, or net promoter score (NPS). You must also choose one of their pre-made templates suitable for multiple industries.

Zoho Survey has multiple customization options, meaning you can add and style the customizable themes as you see fit. Their builder allows you to change every design element of the survey or add your logo and colors to the header and navigation buttons.

Like Google Forms, you have skip logic and piping features that help marketers design an employee satisfaction or client feedback survey that fits your needs.

It’s also easy to share your surveys with your audience through social media or personalized email campaigns. They ensure your data and surveys remain safe and private through SSL protection.

Zoho Survey has customizable reports that help you visualize response data and make more informed decisions. By seeing trends and patterns in client feedback, you can improve your future services.

Another feature they have is the ability to create mobile surveys for every screen size, as responders can answer on any mobile device, no matter where they are.

Zoho Survey features

  • Multilingual surveys
  • Offline surveys
  • Drag-and-drop questions
  • 200 templates

Zoho Survey pricing

The software has a free pricing plan with unlimited surveys but with only 10 questions and 100 responses per survey.

Their Plus subscription plan starts at $35 monthly with unlimited questions and 3,000 responses.

8. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a free survey maker tool that helps businesses create, distribute, and analyze surveys in minutes.

Qualtrics survey tool

It’s a valuable tool for collecting feedback, understanding how your clients or employees feel, or uncovering insights about your brand. Afterward, you can use this information to drive actions based on this insight.

You can distribute these surveys through multiple channels, including email, so you can engage respondents no matter where they are.

With Qualtrics, you get unlimited access to the tool’s features, such as over 50 pre-made templates or 8 question types. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, select a template, or build the survey from scratch.

If you don’t know which questions to insert in your surveys, Qualtrics has ExpertReview, a built-in expert that helps you ask the right questions every time.

Since their templates are designed by industry experts, you can rest assured that they will yield the best results. It fits all needs and experiences, so you can create surveys that suit any situation.

You have various methods for engaging your customers, such as customer satisfaction surveys, which help you understand how people feel about their experience with you.

Qualtrics features

  • A/B testing
  • Early access feedback
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey
  • NPS survey

Qualtrics pricing

You can create a free account to use their survey features, such as reports or survey logic.

You receive 500 responses per survey and 7 question types, but the good part is that your account won’t expire.

9. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a simple online survey tool with unlimited questions and responses.

surveyplanet homepage

This solution offers a powerful set of free tools to design your survey, share it on social media, and see survey data.

Aside from streamlining the user experience, SurveyPlanet also has custom themes. You have a wide variety of pre-made themes that you can use to get creative with your survey.

Or, if you’re feeling inspired, you can create your custom survey with the resources SurveyPlanet offers.

All the themes have a responsive layout, meaning that they work on mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. If you’re unsure what the design will look like for your audience, you can preview it before you make a choice.

Since it’s SurveyPlanet, they have multiple language questionnaires. You can customize your online survey according to the customer base, as you can choose from over 30 languages for your questions, messaging, and user interface.

Plus, if you’re unsure how to create your survey and which questions to ask, you have the online survey builder, where you can access hundreds of pre-written questions that you can use to craft your survey.

SurveyPlanet features

  • Custom themes
  • Unlimited emails
  • Responsive layout
  • Pre-written questions

SurveyPlanet pricing

SurveyPlanet’s free plan offers unlimited surveys, questions, and responses.

For more advanced features, such as custom themes or the ability to export survey results, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan which costs $20 per month or $180 per year.

10. FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys is an online tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls.

freeonlinesurveys top survey tool

With this tool, you can reduce survey abandonment rates through a feature called auto-scroll. It allows respondents to automatically move to the next question upon choosing an answer to the previous one.

Moreover, all their surveys have a responsive design, meaning the question types scale based on your survey takers’ screen size.

Another great feature is that you can edit the surveys or access reports on your mobile or tablet, so you can review feedback and customize the survey on the go.

When you’re in a slump and don’t know where to start, FreeOnlineSurveys has an AI assistant that helps you create simple but effective surveys in no time.

The assistant analyzes the question as you write it and suggests type options you can use. This way, you effortlessly design surveys that will yield the best results.

To build trust and forge strong relationships, add your branding. Customize themes, include your logo, and change fonts—or you can even create personalized ‘thank you’ pages for each of your respondents.

FreeOnlineSurveys features

  • Customized themes
  • Design AI assistant
  • Responsive designs
  • Auto-scroll

FreeOnlineSurveys pricing

This survey tool has a forever free plan with top features such as all question types unlocked, 1,000 responses, and normal-length surveys.

For long-running surveys, you can opt for the Essentials plan which costs $20 a month for unlimited responses.

The Pro plan starts at $25/month with features like A/B testing and piping.

11. SuperSurvey

SuperSurvey is a free online survey maker.

supersurvey free survey tool

Its best feature is that you can create surveys quickly.

The first step is to choose your questions from multiple choices, checkboxes, or open-ended text. Then, choose a theme, customize it, or create your own. When finished, hit the share button and send them to your subscribers.

The surveys work automatically on tablets, desktops, or mobile devices, but they can also run on your website or SuperSurvey’s.

Like other options on this list, this free survey tool also has an AI-powered builder that crafts the survey for you.

Plus, SuperSurvey harnesses ChatGPT’s power to gain deeper insight into your customers’ minds, allowing businesses to uncover hidden preferences and offer more refined promotions.

With this feature, you can gain more accurate results. It also uses sentiment analysis to unlock new actionable insights that move beyond quantitative metrics and extract genuine feelings.

SuperSurvey features

  • Security and privacy
  • Custom templates
  • Language survey translator
  • Sentiment analysis

SuperSurvey pricing

The platform is free for personal use and students, offering 5 questions and 25 total responses. The free plan has ads, however, which might make you consider their cheapest plan, the Standard one, valued at $19/month.

This plan has 1,000 responses, Survey Maker branding, and priority support. For white label and no branding, you need to opt for pricier subscriptions.

12. Jotform

Jotform is a free online survey maker that lets you get the answers you need to improve your services.

jotform online survey maker

It’s a great option for those who want to conduct research or gather client feedback, as Jotform allows you to create engaging online questionnaires through their drag-and-drop survey builder.

Simply add your questions, set up conditional logic, and share it with your audience to start collecting data.

What Jotform excels at is its abundance of template options. You have over 800 free survey templates you can choose from, which you can easily customize in the form builder. Change fonts and colors to match your branding and make it your own—zero coding required.

Jotform has two layout options, depending on your needs: classic and card forms.

Furthermore, you can set up conditional logic that allows you to tailor each survey to the individual user. This feature allows you to boost completion rates, get the responses you need, and build an interactive experience.

Jotform features

  • Drag-and-drop survey maker
  • Conditional logic
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Classic and card forms

Jotform pricing

This tool has a free plan with a 5-form limit, 100 monthly submissions, and 100 MB space.

To get rid of the Jotform branding, you need to upgrade to paid plans, such as the Bronze one. This costs $39/month for 25 forms, 1 GB of available space, and 1,000 monthly submissions.

13. Sogolytics (formerly SogoSurvey)

Sogolytics, formerly known as SogoSurvey, is a survey platform that helps you design engaging and relevant questionnaires.

sogolytics homepage

It’s easy to understand for beginners while having advanced features for experts that increase response rates.

For instance, you can easily customize a template from their library and add your look and feel to it while also applying survey logic, branching, etc.

Plus, their professionally designed templates have numerous interactive elements and question types that help engage your audience and put your brand in the spotlight. The best part is you can do all this—and access survey data—from the mobile app.

Sogolytics helps you connect with your respondents through multi-channel distribution. It enables you to monitor participation, view response patterns, and set up automated reminders to drive more profound insights.

Their powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to identify key trends and drivers that will guide your future strategies.

Sogolytics features

  • Mobile app
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Step-by-step wizards
  • Survey logic

Sogolytics pricing

The free plan is only available for a student, academic, or non-profit license. Those who qualify for it can benefit from 100 email invitations and responses per survey, but with the ability to create unlimited surveys.

Their cheapest plan starts at $25/month. However, every plan has a 10-day free trial that gives you access to the features mentioned in each plan.

14. QuestionPro

QuestionPro is survey software designed for beginners and enterprises.

questionpro survey maker

With this tool, you can create engaging surveys by adding multiple question types, personalized branding, and logic to customize the survey flow.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, QuestionPro caters to enterprises, meaning that it supports their needs through enhanced security, integrations, and advanced collaboration tools that bring their team together.

QuestionPro has reports that make analyzing data easier through real-time dashboards, which you can share with the rest of your team. With this data at your fingertips, you make better business decisions.

Furthermore, this survey tool helps enterprises conduct surveys in over 100 different local languages so you can cater to a broader audience.

To give your surveys a personal touch and engage clients further, you have a customizable ‘thank you’ page that ensures your respondents end the survey on a positive note.

QuestionPro features

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Survey panel integration
  • Customizable ‘thank you’ page
  • Multilingual surveys

QuestionPro pricing

In their Essentials plan, you get free access to the tool but with limited features, such as 300 responses per survey and 30 question types.

For more advanced customization features and 25K responses per year, you need to pay $99 per month, or you can try their 10-day free trial.

15. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is a simple online survey tool offering anonymous features.

limesurvey best free survey tools

With LimeSurvey, you design professional customer questionnaires, votes, polls, and surveys suitable for educational institutions and universities since it’s easy to use and offers many options for research.

The tool also has sophisticated logic capabilities that enable you to ask only the most relevant and essential questions. Plus, the surveys are available in 80 languages, and you can choose from 28 different types of questions to design the perfect one.

If your responders don’t act in time or forget to complete the survey, you can send them a reminder email directly from the platform.

It’s also a tool that easily integrates with your own website. This way, visitors can participate in the survey as they browse without feeling pressured to participate.

LimeSurvey features

  • Anonymous surveys
  • Website integration
  • Registration form
  • Simple file management

LimeSurvey pricing

Test LimeSurvey by opting for their free plan. You get 25 monthly responses, unlimited surveys, and all question types.

You can upgrade wherever you want to paid plans, the Expert one starting at $29/month for 10,000 responses per year and white-label domain.

Tool #16: Canva

Canva is a platform that allows users to digitally design anything they want, from brochures to surveys.

canva survey maker

It’s an easy way to create survey forms, no matter whether they’re digital or printed.

What you need to do is open Canva, choose a survey template, add your questions, then download it, print it, or share it.

Plus, this free survey maker quickly generates questionnaires that ask the right questions, uncover actionable insights you can use later, and deliver the data you need to grow your business.

There are lots of different templates you can use that free up your time and don’t require any time-consuming formatting or editing. You can further gussy it up with free stock images or illustrations and tweak the colors or fonts.

Canva features

  • Printed surveys
  • Free illustrations and stock images
  • Different question formats
  • Data visualization

Canva pricing

The Free version offers a drag-and-drop editor and more than 1 million free photos to design anything, even without experience.

For individuals and designers who want to create professional surveys, you can opt for Canva Pro, which costs $14.99/month.

Looking for a Free Survey Tool?

Now that we’re at the end of the article, a penny for your thoughts?

Yes, we know finding the right match is time-consuming and overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing one. Reading this article surely made the path more obvious.

But we have to ask: what do you think about Moosend?

It’s one of the best free online form builders available, and you can use it to create engaging surveys and collect any type of data from your clients. The multiple customization options are also a plus.

So, is it worth a shot?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you can register now for free.

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