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High-speed, high-reward, low-effort. That’s what eCommerce marketing looks like when you sell without selling.

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Kiss Cart Abandonment Goodbye

Be a player. Don’t let your e-commerce opportunities go to waste. Easily set up timely automated follow-up emails and win back customers that would otherwise disappear.

Weather-based Recommendations

Rainy days need an umbrella, sunny days need sunscreen and your subscribers don’t need a weather forecast anymore to know where to pack. Just your weather-based recommendation emails.

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Supercharge Your eCommerce Store

Fabulous “I-need-that-dress” templates your designer will envy.

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Automate Your Time Off

Decide, design then set it and forget it. Product recommendations, replenishment emails, cross-selling, all made smooth and automatic. Sit back, relax and watch them work for you.

Customer abandons cart Wait 1 hour Purchase Purchase moosend marketing automation animation
Customer abandons cart Wait 1 hour Purchase Purchase moosend marketing automation

Advanced Tracking Methods To End Your Guessing

Get all the data, reach all your users. With tracking methods so advanced you’ll instantly know who loved that sweater and who hated those headphones.

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Divide, and Conquer the eCommerce Game

Get those cherry-picked recommendations by grouping your crowd, using any type of parameter you can come up with, as a filter. Combine actions, locations and anything you can come up with and stand out. Εven in a full inbox.

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With Moosend we tailored our communication to our customers exactly as we desired. It is very hard to find a team that is willing to give solutions to your business needs, but with these guys we certainly did it! The product is seamless giving the best satisfaction to our most precious assets…our customers.


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