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Our Platform, Your Style

Here, everything is customizable! Add your own personal touch, logo, sprinkle some stardust on and remain hidden while we do the dirty work for you.

Your Own Personal Client Management Hub

Presenting: The administrative panel you always dreamt of. Add sub-accounts for your clients, manage them on their behalf and trust in us to constantly evolve and make your life easier and more fun.

Your Domain-Your Name

You want us to remain under the radar. It’s understandable. That’s why we keep our presence under wraps while you decide on your own custom domain.

Markup That Suits Your Growth

Platform so good you want more people to have it? Yes, please! Decide on your markup, customize your heart away and watch as your creation becomes a favorite.

Keep on Moving, Keep on Evolving

Buzz around and get that honey while implementing all of your creativity and saving time with our ever-changing platform. Oh, and don’t worry about the learning curve. We make the process easy as pie.

We Put The “fun” in “functional”

A fun, creative environment that works like a Swiss watch but feels like child’s play when you use it. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our platform is your playground.

Invest Less, ROI More

Invest less to gain more and make the most out of your investment to watch your ROI reach the heights of the Shanghai Tower.

Plan of Steel

Simple planning with minimal effort and effective marketing? You are at the right place!

George Levitikos

When it comes to brands, usually you don’t have a second chance if you miss a deadline or undelivered message to their audiences. Thanks to Moosend our clients are always happy. User – friendly dashboard, amazing support, great tools & automations help our business grow, and our clients delivered outstanding results.


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